Company Wiki

By Red Gregory






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Template Description

Company Wiki is all about creating a foundation for your company - from envisioning its mission all the way to creating a community of like-minded individuals.

Setting up your company 

This is an amazing Notion template that compares starting a company, with building a house. So, it's a wonderful template for all those people who wish to start their own start-up but are stuck with the structure and ultimately - the 'How'

Foundation of your House
The vision

So, a house can only be built when the foundation is laid. How does that translate into creating your own company? Well - it's the Vision and the Emergency Procedures

The Walls and the Windows
The Employees

What breaths fresh air into a house and a company ? Its windows and its employees. 

The employees keep the functioning fresh and working, while the walls (the Operations) keep the house on stronger through the years

The community
The community page

The community to a company, is like a roof to a house. It protects it from all sorts of shortcomings, and makes sure that the insides remain dry and fresh

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