Product OS

By Jonathan Sabbah




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Template Description

πŸ”₯ Product OS is a complete Notion workspace for product and tech teams.

πŸ“™ Based on state-of-the-art product management methods

✌️ Replaces Jira, Trello, ProductBoard, your current Notion

⏱ Saves you weeks of Notion settings

Who is it for?

πŸ‘₯ Product & tech teams between 3 and 75 people

πŸ‘€ Individuals who want to learn how to do Product Management

Multiple Goals

πŸ›  Get an off-the-shelf workspace

πŸ’‘ Look for inspiration for your own workspace

... switch from Jira (finally 😁)


🎯 OKR Management

πŸ’‘ Anyone can submit Ideas & Problems

πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ Epics Management

🎟 Sprints & Backlog

🏠 Elegant Team's Homepage

πŸ’‘ Many tips on how to do stuff : How to create OKR, Why roadmaps are dangerous, How many bug tickets should be added in a sprint... And a lot more!