Self Care

By lveyrslf




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Template Description

An all-in-one dashboard for self care, where you will find a bunch of templates, mood logs, journaling prompts, trackers, tips, if-then pages, relationships advice and a lot more things. 

There are six key areas of ✨growth✨ that you can track using this Notion template:

  • Emotional Self Care: Become more in-tune with your emotions by morning and evening journaling, meditation, and the best feature of this template - "Open Me If".

Click on what you feel, and find a checklist of 15-30 things that you can do to feel better instantly.
  • Physical Self Care: Get access to self-care suggestions and a habit tracker to give your body the love that it deserves.

A preview of what the tracker looks like.
  • Sensory Self Care: Get reminded to nourish your senses with three suggestions listed in this Notion template.
  • Intellectual Self Care: Help your mind grow by doing some activities mentioned in this section. For example, read book and track them too!
  • Spiritual Self Care: Many of us neglect this, but using this template regularly can help you avoid that.
  • Social Self Care: This is where you can keep relationships healthy and boundaries in check. 

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